Have you lost your MOJO?

Life sure is a test and can leave the tank a bit empty. Whatever your reason for your lacklustre attitude of late, you CAN feel better, utilising a fusion of Western & Eastern techniques .

Injury, Illness, Cancer Recovery, Menopause or just the heaviness of life.

What I do

I design 'mostly' short courses to find the right 'key' to unlock your health & wellness. 

I have a Bachelor of Osteopathy Degree, am a BMAS qualified Medical Acupunturist, an Ayurveda & Yoga Wellness Consultant from Dr David Frawley, gone through Hodgkins Lymphoma disease and treatment and empathise with not having enough 'oomph' to do things you used to like doing, let alone the things you have to. I employ this knowledge and experience and diffuse it to a wider audience.


why I do it

I’ve been there

Finally admitting you really are out of sorts and battling you're way to get appointments to be told you're 'fine' but you know you shouldnt be feeling like this. And that may be a nagging back pain you've had so long now that it's part of you, it's an effort to socialise, you no longer spring out of bed excited. You're not sleeping well, can't focus. Your days off are just surviving till it all starts over again.

I discovered yoga  back in 1997, i had a go at it to relieve back pain. From those first few days my pain did not change a bit, BUT, my mind knew I wouldnt always be this way. From there I no longer felt 'powerless', realised and learnt there was so much I could do to help myself. Seemingly small things that if done consistently added up to a big thing. Ive kept it quiet up until now. My experience with my cancer means I MUST share this with people. And like I say, there may be a myriad of reasons for your discontent at the moment, I truly believe India's system of Ayurvdic Medicine has a 'key' to unlock your health, happiness, potential to find your calling.

pricing - Courses & PRICING are currently in development


There will be a lot of free content. I understand you dont know if this will work for you at this stage. I havn't earned your trust yet but please commit to these practices. Reflect and then decide.


Courses in development. To include common joint problems I see regularly, bite sized approaches to the yoga postures, meditation, breathing for change, the energetics of foods, taming your thoughts plus more in the pipeline.


Premium Courses can be purchased adhoc or a MEMBERSHIP gives you everything plus a community

Contact Information

Find us here: Hampshire, United Kingdom

Email:  leza@thenaturalback.co.uk

Phone: +44 07761118692