April 20


Annamaya-kosha. (The Physical Body)

This is the one we are all attached to and in angst over. It’s the one we ignore when it’s working well and are baffled by when it becomes troublesome. It is the dense and gross layer. It is the layer that others see. We cannot hide this layer. Through yoga we can access and manipulate this layer by practicing asana, (yoga postures), and pranayama, (breathing practices).┬áRemember the purpose of yoga asana is to purify the physical body in preparation for higher practices that affect the mind and emotions. As we squeeze and stretch various tissues, energetic pathways open up and allow fresh blood and nutrients to flood into the area. Healing and revitalising. By moving mindfully we begin to notice where we’re locked and where we’re free. We come to fully notice ourselves.The physical body requires the ‘right’ ingredients to function. The ‘right’ food varies from person to person but a general rule of fresh unprocessed lightly cooked food is a good generalisation. See post on kitcharee. Processed food or even food that doesn’t agree with you as an individual requires more energy to digest than it gives you. We all know that feeling of sleepiness after a carbohydrate heavy meal.┬áThe breathing practices link the physical body with the less tangible layers of ourselves. As we become competent with the asanas we naturally begin to notice the breath. It becomes our barometer of how much or how little effort is required in our physical efforts.Each layer/kosha has a key or keys to unlock it to form a whole and balanced practice.


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