July 27


Could This Fix A lot of your Pain, (including reflux, indigestion and heartburn)?

I have been working on some new moves of late.

I have been making a real effort to notice, well, me. And it is a real effort. It’s much easier to stick to what I know I can do without much thought required. Let me and my body’s habits go through the motions they know.

I am still not firing on all cylinders as yet and this bothers me but doesn’t surprise me. Immediately there exists contention. Which requires energy. Which leaves me feeling tired. And so on…..

And it got me thinking. I hear this from many of my patients, my friends who don’t think they have any musculoskeletal issues and well most folk really.

I therefore had a brilliant idea. I acknowledge I cannot pick up my fitness, ability and stamina where I left off pre Lymphoma, I must build a new me. So you can too.

The things I was doing before that worked for my body and my mind just weren’t coming close to reaching parts they reached before. I have been skirting around so many ‘issues’, physical, emotional, blah, blah, etc.

Everything is taking too much out of me. It’s like trying to do a 100 mile road trip with 60 miles worth of fuel. I am reminded by Ayurvedic wisdom and the mantra that slaps me in the face with regularity;

“use half your capacity”.

Brilliant really, you have half left to recover. And that half increases if it’s acknowledged and honoured.

So, my brilliant idea was to not run through my usual yoga routine however great it is but to get back to basics. Get my anatomy books out, recap, rethink.

Do you have neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain that doesn’t resolve? Do you experience indigestion and belching?

Has it been diagnosed as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, rotator cuff, any other name you care to throw at it.

I have been playing with this for about 10 days now and I feel it’s hitting some deep postural muscles as well as freeing up some deeper tensions I have either not been aware of or as I said earlier…..skirting round some issues.

Check out my tutorial and give these exercises a go. I want you to under do them. These should not be killing you. We are going to kindly get in touch with the small movements to make our big movements stronger.

  • It is mentally hard to maintain internal focus. (A bit yoga ish then).
  • It completely puts the handbrake on movement as you technically anchor your axial skeleton. This feels like you’re going backward and becoming less flexible. You’re not.
  • I feel deeply tired or is it relaxed a while after.
  • I think some emotional release has occurred as I feel lighter and am moving forward with projects at last.

Thanks for watching, Let me know how you’re getting on.

I use this as I’ve had it for years but anything mildly stretchy to create resistance will work. DON”T pull on it till breaking point. That is NOT the aim of this rehabilitation work.


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