April 20


Anandamaya-kossa (bliss sheath)

Anandamaya means composed of ananda, or bliss. Anyone can just happen upon this state or maybe you have experienced moments of it. Feelings that you’re part of something bigger, maybe a telepathic experience of unexplained connection. Transcending from your physical body perhaps. Why do you feel no pain while asleep? However, as we are talking ayurvedically, (science of life), there is a method. And that method is to gradually understand the lower 4 layers/koshas by applying the ‘keys’, particular practices to unlocking and moving/experiencing beyond them.This leads to anandamaya or bliss which I’m all for.Anandamaya kosha is not a sheath in the same sense as the four outer koshas. It is the soul itself, a body of light, holder of karmas of this and all past lives. Why are some people so interested in particular eras of history or random hobbies?To create the circumstances for anandamaya we need to focus on the nourishment/particular practices for the development of the previous Anamaya Kosha, Pranamaya Kosha, Manomaya Kosha, and Vjnanamaya Kosha.And I’m not saying that nothing will ever bother you again. It will.But…..you will recognise it for what it is. It will disturb you temporarily while you engage your intellectual solution finding mind. You will know your feelings about it are fleeting. You will know that the dilemma bought to you is not who you are. You will be more discerning with your choices and responses. The theory of Ayurveda, Yoga, and all it encompasses I have found extremely complex and I’m learning all the time.

 BUT…….the understanding will spontaneously arise within you with moderate regular practice. You will find yourself migrating away from disturbances, making better choices for yourself in terms of food, company and environment. 

As the seed is sown within you, feed it and water it accordingly and it will flourish.



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