April 20


Vijnanamaya-kosha – Wisdom Body

 The wisdom body incorporates intellect and intuition. Again a little harder to imagine as a ‘thing’ that actually exists. We all know it does but try and grab it, isolate it, name it. The wisdom body wafts through the denser layers leaving it’s footprint on those layers also. It is the home of our inner knowing and wisdom. It is this layer that contains our higher self. That ‘knowing’ part of us from which we receive messages from beyond what our minds could ever understand. That sudden ‘knowing’ that you can’t explain why you absolutely ‘know’ this or that. Awareness of this layer is an interface between our external world and our internal world. We can swing between the two. Our intellect interacts with the outer external world; our intuition interacts with our internal world.Through the process of a gentle and kind approach and practice of āsana, prāṇāyāma, pratyahara, we can come to know the key that accesses the wisdom body. Dhāraṇā, (single pointed focus) and then dhyāna, (meditation).The full rewards of meditation are unlikely to be gained without the foundation of attending to all the other aspects of yoga practice. Single pointed focus can simply be candle gazing whilst sitting quietly after your asana efforts. It’s very relaxing for the eyes, it cleans them and readies the mind for Bliss. Who wouldn’t want that? It could be focussing soley on your breath as you practice pranayama. It could be solely listening to the birds singing in the morning or a soothing piece of music. It’s all your attention on a single thing. Maybe you have a hobby that you get lost in and don’t hear the phone or the kids come in. You are that immersed in it. This is Dharana.So you see, you probably have moments of this already. And now you know why you like it so. You are moving internally towards what gives you peace/joy.Dhyana is meditation. It’s subtly different to dharana. Dhyana doesnt require the focal point. No. it’s not sleep either.Dhyana will spontaneously occur as your object of focus melts away. It’s no longer required as the route into yourself but it is the trigger.Now, I get this sounds like an awful lot to do but all these keys to the koshas will;

  1. occur spontaneously with a consistent yoga routine.
  2. happen all at once with a consistant yoga routine.

I cannot emphasis enough, a gentle kind routine that doesn’t knacker your shoulder or snap your knees will lead to an invitation into yourself.


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